3 Georgievsky Sjezd, Nizhny Novgorod
603005 Russia
Tel: +7 (831) 277-81-41
Fax: +7 (831) 277-81-51
Alexandrovsky Garden Hotel is located near the Volga River in the historical centre of Nizhny Novgorod close to the Kremlin. The hotel is named after the historical park located on the Volga slope behind the hotel.
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Catering for participants


NameQuantity, g.Price
Canape with ham 1p -27 g 45.00
Canape with chicken liver pate 1p -35 g 50.00
Canapés with herring 1p -35 g 50.00
Mini sandwich with boiled pork 1p -40 g 50.00
Canape with salmon 1p -30 g 65.00
Canape with red caviar 1p -35 g 120.00
Canapés with tiger shrimp wrapped in bacon 1p 185.00
Mini cakes with mushrooms 1p -30 g 55.00
Mini meat pies 1p -30 g 55.00
Mini cakes with dried apricots 1p -30 g 55.00
Mini cakes with onion and egg 1p -30 g 55.00
Sweet Baking :
profiteroles filled with creme brulee 1p 35g 45.00
profiteroles stuffed with soft cheese 1p 35g 45.00
banana cake 1p 25 g 45.00
apple cake 1p 25 g 45.00
shortbread cookies with jam 1p 25 g 30.00
puff of honey-nut 1p -20 g 40.00
Cheese steak sandwich (roast beef) 1/4per p. 1/200 495.00
Chicken Sandwich 1/4per p. 1/200 280.00
Salads in the mini-tartlets:
Mini tartlet with ham   1/22 55.00
Mini tartlet with mushrooms   1/22 55.00
Mini tartlet with roast beef   1/22 55.00
Mini tartlet with salmon   1/22 55.00
Mini tartlet with cheese   1/22 55.00
Soft Drinks:
Coffee and tea at your choice 1p. 75.00
Mineral water "Aqua mineral" carbon./ Non-carbon. (plastic) 0.6 85.00

The range of dishes for a business lunch

NameQuantity, g.
Salad of fresh vegetables - tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, lettuce, herbs, olive oil1/100
Salad "Caprese" - Cherry tomatoes, Mozarella cheese, lettuce, greens, Pesto sause1/110
Salad with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves, with toasted rye bread. Filled with fragrant oil1/100
Salad with salmon on toast with aioli sauce1/160/10
Salad with boiled tongue and fresh vegetables, dressed with mayonnaise1/130
Soup of the day:information from the waiter
Hot dish:
Dumplings, baked in sour cream with herbs1/280
Fried pork with mushrooms and onion1/105
Pork Neck, baked with cheese sauce1/100
Chicken livers in cream1/120
Steam chicken meatballs1/125
Perch with Mushroom Sauce1/110
*Side dishes to choose from:
Vegetables of the Eastern1/100
Rice with vegetables1/100
Boiled potatoes with herbs1/100
Mashed potatoes1/100
Cranberry drink 
Tea (Green, Black) 

The cost of set of 2 dishes - 320 RUB, set of 3 dishes - 420 RUB

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