3 Georgievsky Sjezd, Nizhny Novgorod
603005 Russia
Tel: +7 (831) 277-81-41
Fax: +7 (831) 277-81-51
Alexandrovsky Garden Hotel is located near the Volga River in the historical centre of Nizhny Novgorod close to the Kremlin. The hotel is named after the historical park located on the Volga slope behind the hotel.
Home Special Offers Business lunch from 320 rubles

Business lunch from 320 rubles

Business lunch from 320 rubles

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Alexandrovsky Garden Restaurant offers you a BUSINESS LUNCH!
Service is available from Monday to Friday from 12 noon up to 04 p.m.
BUSINESS LUNCH costs from 320 rubles.

Example of menu

NameQuantity, g.
Italian salad: pieces of chicken fillet, macaroni "Penne", mix of lettuce with corn and fresh tomatoes, dressed with mayonnaise1/120
Salad with boiled tongue and fresh vegetables, dressed with mayonnaise1/130
Salad with squids and Korean carrot1/135
"Beijing" salad: mix of fresh vegetables dressed with soy sauce and sunflower oil1/155
Soup of the dayinformation from the waiter
Lent soupinformation from the waiter
Broth with pieces of chicken and cheese toast
Hot dish:
Dumplings, baked in sour cream with greens1/280
Chicken rissoles fried (or steamed)1/140 (125)
Baked ham dressed with sauce of vegetables and cream1/115
Rolled chicken fillet with Cheddar cheese sauce1/130/30
Spaghetti with salmon1/250
Spaghetti with salmon1/250
Side dishes (at your choice):
Vegetables in Oriental1/100
Wild rice1/100
Rice with vegetables1/100
Boiled potatoes with herbs1/100
Mashed potatoes1/100
Berries drink1/250
Tea (Green, Black)1/200

* Lead Time 35 min.
* The service is provided at the restaurant and lobby bar
* For further information and booking please call 2778145

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